poprocks.com: narcissism central: allyson and bryan's wedding
september 6, 2003, lord thompson manor, connecticutt

The week I returned from a week spent camping in the desert at Burning Man I worked crazy hours for 4 days (we had just launched the BT Yahoo! DSL portal and service), and then Friday night at 10:30p.m. I flew of SFO on a red-eye to Boston, arriving at 7a.m. so that I could attend Allyson and Bryan's nuptuals at the Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticutt. I had breakfast with my mom, and then she accompanied me on my frantic shopping trip for a dress to wear. Luckily, we found one. Then I borrowed my mom's car to drive down to Connecticutt, arriving just in time for the ceremony. The wedding was completely gorgeous! The setting was great, the weather was great, Bryan looked handsome and Allyson looked beautful. It was worth waiting over 10 years! (That's right, Allyson and Bryan had been dating each other since 1992!) It was amazing, and I felt very lucky to be able to be there to celebrate with them.

On Sunday morning after the wedding, I got another chance to visit my mother. She has just adopted a very strange cat. It's a Persian named Sno-Boo whose elderly owner was recently put into a nursing home. The cat had been left alone in a basement for several weeks when its owner was first struck with a heart attack, and its long fluffy hair became completely matted and painful to the cat. So, when my mom adopted the cat she had to get all the fur on its body completely shaved off. The effect is hysterical. The poor thing looks like a bizarre space alien. (I know, I should talk -- I'm the one with a dog who looks like a fruit bat...) On Sunday afternoon, my mom drove me back to Logan airport and I caught another plane back to San Francisco, arriving at 10pm.

1bryan_best_men 2bridesmaid_drake 2bridesmaid_heather 2bridesmaid_jen 2bridesmaid_kelly
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2bridesmaid_stephanie 3flower_girl 3flower_girls_close 4allyson_and_dad_sideview 4allyson_and_dad_walk_aisle
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